Unlike typical brands out there we believe in fairness, in 7 years I never had one complaint about the hair I provided and i've coloured/toned and styled this hair for up to two years on my clients re-fit after re-fit so you shouldn't feel the need to read this, however if you do we would like to make sure all our customers are happy with their purchase and return to us in future. If there are any issues whatsoever we need to know as soon as you do.  Please notify us within 24 hours of your purchase with any problems as time passing may result in us not being able to fix or help the problem correctly.
Hair extensions are a natural consumable product, our life span times are given as guides and your hair technician or professional should be informing you of how to get the maximum life span from your hair however an aftercare page is available on our website and packaging. Should you need to return your hair it must be unopened, unused and untouched within 1 week of the purchase made or the return will not be honoured by us. We may treat each situation differently to help and honour our customers needs but this is at the discretion of Pro Hair Extension supplies. We have the right to refuse a return if we think the hair has been open or used in any way. This is such a critical role as fitting hair extensions involves health and safety and we have to be careful and protect ourselves swell as our customers and under no circumstances would we return hair that has been or appears to have been opened. Refunds are given solely on a case by case method and are discretion of the ProHair team, but as mentioned along as the hair has not been opened, used or damaged in anyway and is returned within 24 hours then we would be happy to refund or issue your account with credit.
The hair we provide should be used for it's intended use only and we accept no responsibility for trained or untrained personnel, qualified or unqualified using or misusing goods supplied by ProHair.
We are happy to fulfil orders from outside the uk but accept no responsibility for delays caused by shipping companies
Size and weight guide are given in good faith and subject to alteration without notice from ProHair.
ProHair reserves the right to restrict or refuse a sale to a customer at any time.
Orders are fulfilled chronologically and stock orders are adjusted accordingly meaning there may be a time when we can not fulfil your order immediately and will do so as soon as the relevant stock arrives.
All Colours are matched as closely as possible with the colours provided on the website however resolutions can cause variations and ProHair will not accept this as a reason to return or refund.
All our hair has been through a soft colouring process and our hair has a very small bleach content meaning over extended periods of time colours can fade slightly, again after care must be advised by a proffessional and followed by the wearer.
Any hair that has been treated with certain chemicals such as chlorine or colourants including silver shampoo, is done entirely at your own risk and we accept no responsibility for any damage caused by this or any other methods that occur past us processing your order, due to lack of control once your order has been processed we can not be. held accountable for actions or damage caused to third parties.
Our human hair could be of Russian, Indian, Brazilian or chinese origin.