This hair is super easy to care for. Treat hair extensions like you would your own, 

  • Always use a soft bristle brush for keeping your hair in tact and not pulling on knots / snapping the stands of the hair.
  • Use sulphate free products - our shampoo and conditioner are available for you to purchase, these products are the only ones we can guarantee the life span of the hair with. However at your own risk when using other products always check there are no harsh chemicals such as parabens, additives, silicone. 
  • Letting your hair naturally dry is fine and although the bonds of the hair have been made with high grade keratin and will last a long time, going to bed with wet hair or using damaging products can in some cases break down the keratin and cause the tips to split. This doesnt happen often but avoid chemicals such as dry shampoo or hair dye build up.
  • The hair is human hair so can be curled straightened and dyed darker however this is entirely at your own risk and like your own hair will have an effect to the quality or life span.