After 7 years in the business fitting hair extensions I came to realise the key was having the right hair! The hair is the most important aspect, you can be the best at fitting hair extensions but if the hair isn't up to standard it won't look great. So I know first hand how IMPORTANT it is and have used all my knowledge & tools to now be able to supply you the finest human hair I've ever used. The hair is PREMIUM drawn which means its thicker than any hair currently on the market and of the highest grade - not one of my customers in 7 years has been able to fault it! I have used it for years and came to realise all these brands I would use when I couldn't get my own hair just really never came through. Nothing was as good as the hair I was using and every time I shopped anywhere else I ended up with lots of issues, from the hair drying out to the tips breaking quickly, to having to buy more than my client actually needed to make sure we achieved the thickness that was required and get them Pro shots for insta!

I hope this makes life easier knowing I've personally used this hair myself for so long, a few other local girls have also been using this hair and love it and thats when we decided we had to share this hair with everyone! We're not just another 'BRAND' promoting a certain type of beauty ,we care about what we provide and supply to our customers so here's some technical info about the hair...

The method of Remy hair and Cuticle hair means the strands that are collected are completely aligned and unlike most suppliers who claim all their hair is correct but feels dry after a few washes, ours stays silky soft and shiny for its life span which is 1-2 years. We use the strongest italian slimline keratin tips for maximum discreetness and all our strands are 1g in 18/20'' 24'' or above and the weight goes down to 0.8g as the length if the hair is longer. 

Most hair on the market is 30-50% double drawn and you can usually see the bunch of shorter hairs you've received even when they tell you its all double drawn... ours is PREMIUM drawn and 0ver 90% thick so you do not have to over order or get longer hair to create a thicker look, our hair is finally here to change the hair extension industry... join the evolution and lets start using products that are worth the price tag and leave all your clients feeling amazing!! 

Want to know more? What moored you really need to know? Try it for your self and experience luxury for the first time again!!


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